Due to Covid-19 we are now offering audio-only biographies with the option to have your 
loved one's life story transformed into a video that includes old photos, home movies etc.
In-person interviews will be scheduled on request, implementing strict safety protocols.
We promise to make you feel safe and satisfied.  Please enquire about all of your options.

What do you really know about the older adults in your life?  Did you learn things about your parents or grandparents after they died that you wish you'd had the chance to talk with them about when they were alive? If you have kids, wouldn't it be wonderful for them to learn more about their family history through the firsthand accounts of their elders? 


Older adults are especially vulnerable during the pandemic, yet they have lived through wars, measles and polio quarantines so their perspective on the current crisis is unique and invaluable.  Older adults can inspire us through their vulnerability and courage, their humor and resilience.  Now more than ever, we need their stories.  And they are the only ones who can tell them.


We're on a mission to preserve the rich stories of older adults for the benefit of every generation. 


Our seasoned production team would be honored to capture your life story or that of someone you love.  We guarantee the process will be joyful and professional from start to finish.  We promise to deliver a professional, well-crafted narrative that celebrates the life you've led - and continue to lead.  Should you choose to engage our services, we will coordinate all aspects of the production and deliver a final audio or video keepsake that can be enjoyed on a computer, tablet or smartphone.  Please enquire about pricing and your delivery time during the initial consultation.


Patrick Farrington

Director of Photography

Editor | Producer

When Jana first told me about Life Stories for the Ages, I was excited for the opportunity to collaborate on the first full-length video.  I’ve been a shooter/editor since the early 1990’s and have logged many hours behind the camera recording talking heads. However, this time was different… our subject wasn’t selling widgets or discussing 3rd quarter financials – they were sharing heartfelt stories about their past, stories that literally shaped who they are today.


It was engaging, refreshing & enlightening and it was obvious they wanted their stories to be heard – and professionally preserved. If the experience was this moving for me, I can only imagine how touching it must be for families that decide to have a legacy video produced.

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Digital Media Creations

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Email: jana@agewyz.com
Call:  323-627-8205

Jana Panarites

Chief Storyteller | Producer

Life Stories for the Ages founder Jana Panarites has over 25 years of experience in storytelling and media production.  It all began in LA when she joined the production team of NBC’s five-part documentary series, “The Human Animal” hosted by Phil Donahue. After this she worked on the Emmy Award-winning, "Agnes: The Indomitable DeMille" (PBS) and several other New York-based productions.

As host and producer of The Agewyz Podcast, Jana has had the privilege of conducting over 180 interviews with caregivers, professionals in the field of aging, and artists who are using media to creatively address major health issues, foster dialogue and challenge widespread assumptions about aging. The Agewyz Podcast is on Caring.com's list of "Best Podcasts for Family Caregivers."

Jana is also the author of "Scattered: My Life As An Accidental Caregiver," Caregiver."  Written after her father's sudden death, the book captures her  experience of moving back into her childhood home and trying to advance her career while caring for her then 80-year old grief-stricken mother. 


Jana is a graduate of the University of Vermont, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications; and the University of Southern California, where she earned a Master’s in Public Diplomacy, a joint degree from the Annenberg School of Communications & Journalism, and the School of International Relations.


How long will this take?

Depending on the scope

of the project

and the availability of the participants, the entire

process can take anywhere

from 4 to 8 weeks.​

Once we nail down the

specifics, we'll be able

to provide you with

a more accurate timeline.

How much will this cost?




We are committed to producing

high-quality audio and video biographies that have lasting value. 

To that end, after exploring your

goals for the project we will

be able to provide you with an accurate price point and contract for review.  Cost is based on the time it takes for pre-production (pre-interview preparation);

production (conducting the actual

interview); and post-production

(editing and delivery).

Vintage Film


Margot M. Thomas

Contributer to Crowdfunding

Campaign on IFundWomen

Life Stories for the Ages is a million dollar idea!  I wish Life Stories for the Ages had been available to me before my mom passed away.  I would have loved the opportunity to have had her professionally interviewed and filmed.

Maxine Borowsky Junge

Artist, Art Therapist

Life Story Subject

I think my life has been pretty interesting.  And I'm glad you do.  I like this process because I like talking with you. Seriously.  You're good to talk to.  You have reactions, and you look like you're listening. It's really wonderful.  People are not used to being listened to very much.  Really listened to.

Malinda Coler

Co-founder & CEO, LessonsUp

Jana’s mission speaks to me on a very personal level. My own grandmother has been planning to write her memoir for more than a decade, but it’s a daunting task that no one in the family has yet to help her with, and there’s only so much time left. She’s now 87. I want her story to live. And so many others.  Life Stories for the Ages empowers seniors to tell their life stories and preserve them for future generations.



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