What do you really know about the older adults in your life?  Did you learn things about your parents or grandparents after they died that you wish you'd had the chance to talk with them about when they were alive?  If you have kids, wouldn't it be wonderful for them to learn more about their family history through the firsthand accounts of their elders, who shared on video the experiences that shaped their lives?  In a culture where youth is praised and older adults are often invisible, imagine how meaningful it would be for an older adult to share their life story on video with an attentive, seasoned interviewer. 


Preserving the personal history of someone you love on video not only has therapeutic value for the person being interviewed, it allows younger generations to gain a deeper appreciation for their elders and experience history from the perspective of someone who actually lived through it.  It also gives adult children a chance to discover things about their parents that they never knew, which can lend perspective and guidance in their own lives.


​Agewyz Media Group would be honored to preserve the legacy of someone you love by capturing their life story on video. Should you choose to engage our services, you can expect the experience to be joyful and professional from start to finish.  After an initial (free) consultation, which can be done in person or on the phone, our team will coordinate all aspects of the production and deliver a compelling, polished video to you that can be viewed on a computer, tablet or smartphone.  The time it will take to produce the video depends on the pricing package selected and availability of all participants.  Please enquire about your delivery time during the initial consultation.


Agewyz Media Group launched in December 2014 to raise awareness in the media about the challenges of caregivers and to promote healthy aging across the generations.  Jana Panarites founded the company in the aftermath of her father's death in 2010, when she moved back into her childhood home to care for her then 80-year old mother.  In June 2015 Jana launched The Agewyz Podcast to share the real life stories of caregivers through the intimate medium of radio.  Jana's memoir, "Scattered: My Life As An Accidental Caregiver" was published in October 2015.


As host and producer of The Agewyz Podcast, Jana has had the privilege of conducting over 150 interviews with individuals from diverse cultures and ages, from millennials to the "oldest old" (85 and up). These conversations, filled with joy and heartache, have been widely praised for their honesty and affirmation of the human experience.  Since launching in 2015, the podcast has grown from 5K to over 57K listens per month.

Jana brings over 20 years of experience in storytelling and media production to Life Stories for the Ages, which connects the generations in a new way: through video. Her production team at Agewyz Media is dedicated to preserving the amazing stories of those who came before us, for the benefit of their adult children, for future generations and for the elders themselves.

Life Stories for the Ages also serves non-profit organizations and businesses by creating emotionally compelling, well-crafted videos for use in campaigns, to highlight an organization's mission and for a host of other benefits.  We look forward to telling your story on video!

Jana Panarites


How long will this take?

Depending on the scope

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process can take anywhere

from 4 to 8 weeks.​

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How much will this cost?


Agewyz Media is  committed to producing quality videos that have lasting value regardless of their intended use. We believe the best way to achieve this is through extensive preparation before videotaping even begins.  To that end, we will spend a lot of time determining the goals of your project, strategizing, conducting

pre-interviews, gathering materials, etc.  The larger and more complex the video project is, the more pre-production time will be needed, thus affecting the cost.  After exploring the scope of your project in an introductory phone call, we will be able to provide you with an accurate price point and contract for review.

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